Management in Medium-Sized Enterprise

To achieve a long-term corporate success, it is necessary for companies to react on the constantly changing conditions in the circumstance. New markets, changed work and production conditions, changed consumer habits, stricter environmental laws etc. have the result that companies are in a constantly changing process. Traditional business concepts cannot cope with this ensuing demand for adaption and adjustment.

Especially in medium-sized enterprises, which are the back stone and growth engine of Germany’s economy, innovative and forward-looking programmes are needed. The Master’s programme Management in Medium-Sized enterprises qualifies the students for important and sophisticated managerial tasks in medium-sized companies. Since medium-sized companies have much more employment potential than large corporations, the students will have the best chance to get access to national and international employment market – whether as managers, consultants or entrepreneurs. Based on the extensive knowledge of business administration, students from the Master’s programme Management in Medium-Sized enterprises deal with specific management topics and concepts which enable them to plan and design change processes actively in medium-sized companies. 

At the beginning of the study the students acquire competences in functional areas of the company from the view of general management in order to make corresponding decisions regarding strategies, structures, systems and competences. Core topics of change management and issues of international management are approached with focus on some main aspects in the second semester. In addition to cross-section topics, concrete applications and indepth studies in the field of business logistics, food industry or technology assure a practical relevance. 

International aspects are integrated throughout the study. All courses in the second semester are completely taught in English. The third semester is devoted to the Master’s thesis. After graduation the students are well prepared to make contributions to the planning of the future of the company.