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The end of your studies comes faster than you believe! That is why you should think about your future plans early in advance, inform yourself about your options, and prepare the best way for you. Please do not hesitate to contact the International Office or other service points in the case that you need more information or further support regarding this important step. 

Returning to your homecountry

Returning to your home country requires just as much attention and planning as preparing your stay here in Germany. You should analyze the job opportunities, accommodation, and health aspects in order to hit the ground running.

Before you leave Germany, you should also consider the following aspects:

  • Deregister at the resident registration office (form)
  • Deregister from the students' register
  • Cancel health insurance contract
  • Cancel your telephone contract and other subscriptions
  • Close your bank account
  • Contact the pension insurance

Important! Once you are removed from the students´ register, your residence permit expires. For more information, please contact the immigration Department at your place of residence.

If you have paid pension insurance contributions in Germany, there might exist the possibility to have the contributions paid out.

Staying in Germany

Students of the European Union usually have free access to the German job market.

International students from non-EU nationalities may extend their residence permit for further 18 months if they have completed their studies successfully. During these 18 months, you should find a job which conforms to your degree. As you are required to ensure that your livelihood is secured, you are also entitled to work without restrictions until you find an appropriate employment.

In the case that you decide to first return to your home country and plan to come back to Germany later on, you will need to apply for a 6-month valid visa for jobseekers again.


Please inform yourself early enough in order to avoid any inconvenience!


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