Application for degree seeking students

First of all, inform yourself about the study programmes offered at the Hochschule Bremerhaven. In addition, have a look at the list of courses offered in English. If you need more information, please contact the registrar's office.

Pay attention to the semester deadlines, contribution and re-registration (some information available in English. Here you can find the semester dates.

Here you find a checklist for all the necessary documents and steps needed for your application.


For Bachelor programmes please contact the Registration and Examination Office. In some cases you will need to apply via the Institution Uni-Assist. Please inform yourself about the correct application procedure at the Registration and Examination Office to make sure everything is done correctly!

If you are interested in a Master programme please apply directly at the Registration and Examination Office.

You need to hand in the following documents:

- Attested copy of the certificate for the qualification of the entrance to the university or a foreign secondary school certificate

- Signed CV with full details of the education (schools attended, examinations taken, etc.)

- Passport-sized photo

- Attested copy of birth certificate or identity card / passport

- Document of compliance (in case of switching the university or resumption of studies)

- Certificate of withdrawal of name from all previous colleges (in case of switching the university or resumption of studies) must be submitted until the enrollment

- Language certificate in necessary German skills

- Language certificate in adequate knowledge of English (depending on the course)

- Visa (for non-EU students)

- Any other relevant documents, such as: Internship Certificate, Recommendation Letter (if available)

Application Form

If your application is accepted by the University, you will receive a confirmation letter by post. After showing this letter to the embassy you may apply for the visa (residence-permit). Moreover, you will need this letter again to complete your enrollment at the university.

In case of a conditional offer-letter, where certain conditions or requirements of some documents are expressed as a prerequisite of an enrollment, the conditions can lead to misunderstandings at the embassy. The embassy may not issue any visa except the conditions have been met properly.

It must be noted that some of the points mentioned in the letter might not be handled that strictly in reality. If you face problems with the embassy regarding this issue, you best contact the Registration and Examination Office, where you can be consulted properly.

Please note:
In some courses a form of response is enclosed with the letter. This form should be filled out and sent back immediately to the admission office in order to express your interest in studying at the university as well as reserving the place in the respective course. If there is no response the place might be given to the next eligible applicant.

Enrollment Fee

To matriculate successfully, you have to transfer the enrollment fee before the deadline to the account of the Hochschule Bremerhaven.

The deadlines are as following:

July 31st for the following winter term and

January 31st for the following summer term

Please note: The Semester Contribution is independent of the place of your residence and, as an inherent part of the enrollment process, has to be payed every semester by every student. Therefore, if you stay for more than one semester you will have to pay the fee again.

Every student exceeding the 14th semester has to pay an additional tuition fee of 500,00 € for each semester.


Here you can find detailed information about the first steps when you arrive in Bremerhaven.