Psychological-Therapeutic Counselling Service

The ptb (Psychologisch-therapeutische Beratungsstelle) is open for all students studying at the universities of the state Bremen. Here the students may be provided with help in case of personal and study-related problems, such as

  • problems in working or concentrating,
  • overload, burn-out and stress,
  • fear of examinations as well as fear of failure,
  • difficulties in establishing contacts,
  • conflicts with friends, parents or partners,
  • lack of ambition and fear of the uncertain future,
  • cultural insecurities,
  • acute crises.

All consultants have a professional training in psychotherapy and are bound to maintain the confidentiality. During the free counseling sessions, they try to find out the probable causes and backgrounds of the problems and work on a proper solution to these problems. The ptb offers:

  • Counseling for individuals and couples
  • Open counseling hours
  • Online consultancy
  • Arrangement of psychotherapy / supporting groups
  • Training groups in case of problems in working
  • Workshops on solving study-related problems
  • Therapeutic groups

Tel.: 0471 4823 - 310

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Opening hours
Tue: 12:00 - 13:00

Building C
Room C22