Buddy Programme

What is naturally for Germans might turn into a challenge for international students; not just because of initial language barriers but also because of different mentalities and habits:
Transferring the rent? Giving a presentation? Going to the professors office hours?

Here, the support of Buddies is needed!

What is the Buddy program?

The aim of the Buddy program is the intercultural meeting of students from Bremerhaven and students from abroad. Thereby it is about practical things like picking up at the airport/train station and the orientation in Bremerhaven during the primary time. But also the exchange of languages, cultures and international experience is important and often new friendships develop.

Who or what is a Buddy?

Buddy - [‘badi] is American English and means "pal", "close friend", "fellow". Divers use the term "Buddy System". that means groups are organized in which members take care of each other, support each other and help with problems.

This basic idea is behind the Buddy program, too. Students from Bremerhaven simplify international students the start into the studies, they help with day-to-day issues and take over special responsibility for their social integration.

Why do I need a Buddy?

When you are from a foreign country your Buddy can help you within the first weeks after your arrival in Bremerhaven, to find your way in the city and at the University. If possible your Buddy can pick you up at the airport or at the train station und guide you to your apartment. He / She is the first opportunity for you to get to know Germans and can show you the cultural life of Bremerhaven. The Buddies in Bremerhaven are not paid for it, but support you voluntary.

With the financial help of the Patrons Society of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven the project could start.

Check out LEI on Facebook. For further information about the Buddy programme send an Email to: lei@hs-bremerhaven.de