Certificate for intercultural competence

General Information

  • To get the certificate you need to collect 15 certificate points.
  • Participation in intercultural training is mandatory for the certificate, in addition, you should be able to demonstrate intercultural activities from at least two elective modules.
  • You can provide the services relevant to the cetificate during your entire study period.
  • How your individual activities are evaluated you can find in the module overview.
  • Send us your registration as a scan by e-mail or place it in the mailbox 26. The corresponding form can be found on the right side of the website in the Downloads section.
  • In this section you will also find all other documents necessary for the certificate.
  • You can enter your intercultural activities in the evidence sheets.
  • For modules B and C we need certificates of participation. If the organizer does not issue its own participation certificate, you can use the form provided in the download section.
  • For the experience and reflection reports, please use our guidelines (see downloads), as, for example, Erasmus reports often have a different focus. Send the completed report to incomings@hs-bremerhaven.de.
  • As soon as you have completed all the services you want to have listed on your certificate, you can come to our office during the office hours. Please bring the printed reports and participation certificates. We will then discuss together what your certificate should contain.
  • The reflection report for intercultural training must be submitted four weeks after the end of the training. You will find out the exact date at the end of each event.
  • You can pick up the completed certificate at our office or it will be sent to you by post.

The Modules

The Certificate for Intercultural Competence consists of the following components:

1. Mandatory module: Intercultural training

2. Elective module A: International experience

3. Elective module B: Intercultural engagement

4. Elective module C: Intercultural education

In our module overview you can find out which services you have to provide in the individual modules in order to receive the certificate.

Certificate for International Students

  • The intercultural certificate is open to all students.
  • The elective module A “International experience” can be completed in Germany. The time limits remain the same.
  • The elective module C “Intercultural Education” also recognises German courses as well as German-related lectures and seminar