Local Erasmus+ Initiative (LEI)

The Local Erasmus+ Initiative of the Hochschule Bremerhaven is run by students of the Hochschule who care for the project voluntarily. The initiative is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The LEI Team, which currently consists of seven motivated students, helps incoming students to orient themselves at the University and supports them to adapt and integrate into the new environment. Various events and excursions are organized each semester like the International StuCa. In collaboration with the Interantional Office, this event takes place every first Tuesday of the month. The International StuCa is not only addressed to the exchange students but also to all German students. Thus, it promotes the intercultural contact and exchange of the students.

Review 2020:

At the beginning of the semester, the new exchange students were welcomed by their Buddies and the LEI team. Usually, this takes place in the Hochschule as some kind of welcome party, but due to Corona, this was not possible. This year, we met outside and got to know each other first at the “Deich” and then we proceeded to the “Alte Bürger”, where we had a fun time getting to know each other. All events that followed were held online, for example virtual game nights.

If you are interested in supporting the LEI-team or want to become a buddy, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you have any further questions, you can send us a message. We can be reached through lei@hs-bremerhaven.de or via Facebook and Instagram.