Austria - Linz - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Linz

What needs to be kept in mind: The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria consists of four different sites and departments. Thus, for exchange students it is only possible to be nominated for the campus that fosters a cooperation with the home university. For this reason, only courses at this campu can be chosen. In the case of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven the important campus is the one in Linz which includes the department of health services and social sciences.



As a first step, interested students need to be nominated by their home university. Subsequently, they will receive a personalized registration link to the online portal of the university where they can upload their application documents. The application can only be done online, handing in the documents in a paper version is not possible. Besides personal data, the following documents are required for an application:

  • Transcript of Records
  • Learning Agreement
  • photograph
  • Language certificate for the level B2 (either for German or English, depending on the language in which you want to attend courses in)
  • Passport copy
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Confirmation of a health insurance that is valid in Austria (it is possible to hand it in after the acceptance; for those who would like to apply for an Austrian health insurance, the confirmation can also be handed in after the arrival?

Once all application documents got handed in, the campus decides on acceptance and rejection. The final decision is communicated to the applicants within two weeks after the application deadline.


Semester Dates

Winter semester: October - February
- Lectures: Early October - Late January
- Christmas Break: 24 December 2018 - 06 January 2019
- Exams: during the whole semester until mid-February

Sommersemester: March -  July
- Lectures: Early March - Late June
- Easter Break: one week before Catholic Easter and Easter Monday
- Exams: during the whole semester until mid-July

An orientation week takes place one to two weeks before the actual start of the semester. The participation in it is mandatory for all exchange students



In general, exchange students can take all courses (both in English and in German) that are offered at the respective campus. For participating in a course, it is only necessary to fulfill the language requirements of the level B2 in the teaching language.
It is expected from the students that they participate and work actively in all in seminars, projects and workshops. For lectures, attendance is compulsory.

Grading System: The Austrian grading scheme uses the five grades below:

  • Excellent (1)
  • Good (2)
  • Satisfactory (3)
  • Sufficient (4)
  • Insufficient (5)


For exchange student, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria offers German language courses for different language levels.


Further Information

New exchange students are kindly asked to come to the International Office (Room A-11d, ground floor of the main building A in Garnisonsstraße 21) at the beginning of their stay where they will receive further information which are supposed to facilitate the start at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Health insurance: All students are responsible to have a valid health insurance. The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria does not offer a healt insurance itself but the employees are happy to help with the application for an Austrian health insurance which costs around 55€ per month.

Accommodation: In Linz there are different dormitories from which students can choose. The rent for a single room comes to about 280-310€. An overview on the different dormitory offers can be found here. Students who are interested in one of the rooms are asked to apply for it early on. Most of the dormitories use an online form for the application.
In additio, there is the possibility to rent an apartment or a room together with other students or alone. For this option, local newspapers are often a good starting point for the search because they publish different offers on the housing market every weekend.
In general, the International Office points out that they cannot support students in finding a suitable accommodation on the private housing market.

Visa: Students are responsible on their own for the visa application and are therefore kindly asked to inform themselves about the visa requirements of their home country/ their citizenship early on. Due to this reason, students should make an appointment with the Austrian embassy in their home country as soon as they have received their Admission Letter. When staying for only semester, a visa with type D (for a stay up to six months) is needed, if the stay is longer than six months, the application for a residence permit is recommended. A extension of a visa is not possible in Austria. Please find further on the visa application here.
After the arrival, a registration at the registration office ('Meldeamt' or 'bürgerservice') is necessary. In order to do so a passport (including a visa, if available), a confirmation on residence and a registration form (the respective forms can be received for free at the dormitories or the International Office) are needed. For all students staying in Austria for more than three months it is additionally necessary to apply for a residence permission ('Anmeldebescheinigung') at the municipal council. Such a registration is possible within the first four months of the stay and has to be completed in addition to the one with the registration form. When not complying to these regulations, a fine will be given out.


Before arriving in Austria, each exchange students gets the chance to get in contact with a local student. This Buddy is happy to answer all kind of questions regarding living in Linz and studying at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Thus, buddies can help you to open up a bank account, to do your first grocery shopping in the new surroundings or to organize a trip for the newcomers.

For all questions concerning the stay at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, campus Linz, the International Office has prepared a Handbook for exchange students.