Bulgaria - Stara Zagora - Trakia University


Only students who have been nominated by their respective home university are eligible to do an exchange semester at Trakia University in the context of an Erasmus+ funding. When choosing a Bulgarian study course, a good language level in Bulgarian is required. Choosing a study course in English is possible if the student has a good knowledge of the English language and if the dean of the faculty and the Erasmus coordinator in charge agree to it.

For an application at Trakia University, the following application documents are required:

1) Application form: In the case that you are interested in living in one of the dormitories during your stay, please also fill in section 5 "Accommodation in hall of residence".
2) Learning Agreement: It includes the courses that you would like to take within in your study course. The documents needs to be signed by the Erasmus coordinator of the study course, a representative of the International Office and it needs to be stamped.
3) Training Agreement: The documents needs to be signed by the Erasmus coordinator of the study course, a representative of the International Office and it needs to be stamped. 
4) Transcript of Records
5) CV

If you have filled in and signed all the documents mentioned above, the International Office of your home university needs to send it to the Erasmus coordinator Ms Reneta Mitsova (the original via air mail and a copy via email to intern@uni-sz.bg).

As soon as your application has been processed, you will receive a note whether it has been approved or rejected.

Semester Dates

Winter term: September - January

Summer term: February - June


On the website of Trakia University you can find detailed information on the course offer in the different study courses. In general, the teaching language is either Bulgarian or English.
Students are always directly enrolled at the faculty or college to which their study course (which is chosen in the Learning Agreement) belongs to. Exchange students do not need to pay any tuition fees during their stay.

Before the actual start of the semester, there will be an introduction meeting for all new exchange students.

The language institute of the faculty of economics offers Bulgarian language courses for all international students.

Further Information

Arrival: It is recommended that Erasmus students arrive at least two days prior to the start of the semester at Stara Zagora. The students are asked to inform the Erasmus coordinator Ms Reneta Mitsova about their date of arrival.
Stara Zagora is located about 250 km East of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The city can by reached from Sofia by train or bus. If it is desired, the students can also be picked up from the bus stop or the train station.

Accommodation: The Erasmus coordinators at Trakia University will organize rooms for the Erasmus students at the student dormitories. But since the capacitites are limited here, interested students are asked to let them know early on so that enought rooms can be reserved.

Currency: In Bugaria the currency lev is used and the current exchange rate is about 1 lev corresponds to 0,51€. Per month, a student will need an estimated amount of about 500-600 lev.

If there are any further questions, the International Office at Trakia University is happy to help and it can be reached via intern@uni-sz.bg.