India - Chennai - Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology


Students who are interesting in a stay at Vel Tech University can either do a study period or a project work there. It is required that these students have finished their first year of studies at their home university beforehand. 
Good English language skills are required due to the fact that English is the language of instruction. In order to proof one's English langugage level, an English certificate from the home university is sufficient, an official language certificate is not required.

For an application the following documents are required: 

  1. Filled-in Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Transcript of Records (in English)
  4. Scan of passport pages
  5. Passport photograph



Semester Dates

Winter term 2018: Juli - December 2018

Sommer term 2019: January - May 2019



Study Period:

Here you may find an overview of the course offer at Vel Tech University.

There are no specific requirements for the individual courses for exchange students.

Language courses are organised on demand. 


Project work:

A project work is possible in all departments in which study programmes are offered. In general, such a project work can be carried at any point of the year. But if an official Transcript of the university is needed as a confirmation of stay, it is recommended to do the project work during the semester. The same applies to the duration of the project work. In general, one can decide on their own for how long one wants to do their project work. ut if an official Transcript of the university is needed as a confirmation of stay, it is recommended to adapt the duration of the project work to the semester dates.


Further Information

Health Insurance: When travelling to India, a valid health insurance is required. Such a health insurance is also sufficient for a stay at Vel Tech University.

Accomodation: It is possible to rent an accomodation on campus. The price for such an accomodation os 11,000 Indian Rupe (approx. 140€) and includes food, airport transfers, Internet, access to the gym and the use of local transportation.

Exchange Coordinator: