Norway - Molde - Molde University College


For an exchange to Molde University College, a nomination by your home university is required at first. Subsequent to the nomination, students need to fill in the Application form, print, sign and stamp it.
After that the students are asked to send the application form together with the documents listed below to Molde University College.

  • Current Transcript of Records
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of your European Health Insurance Card
  • A personal statement that you enough financial means at your disposal in order to finance your stay in Norway. These means should at least come to 108,250 Norwegian Krones (ca 11,500€) per academic year or 54,125 Norwegian Krones (ca 5,750€) per semester.
  • Passport foto
  • Learning Agreement

When applying for Molde University College it should be kept in mind that the application process for students from outside of Europe may differ.

As soon as all application documents have arrived at Molde University College, they will be checked. In the case that all documents are complete. the students will receive an Invitation Letter via email. This email will also include further information concerning your stay in Molde. In addition, exchange are asked to fill in a personal questionnaire and send it to the university. 


Semester Dates

Winter term: August - December
Summer term: January - June



Molde University College offers, especially for exchange students, a Bachelor and Master programme including numerous courses in English language. The Bachelors courses are taken of the fields Business Administration, Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as Sport Management. The courses on Master level focus on Logistics and Sport Management. Please find below the contents of the respective course offers:

Courses for Bachelor students in English

Courses for Master students in English


Further Information

Accommodation: In general, an accommodation can be guaranteed for each exchange student. Students are kindly asked to inform themselves about the different types of accommodation on the respective website. Subsequently, it it important to get registered on the website and to apply for the type of accommodation you are interested in. But one should keep in mind that it is also possible that the type of accommodation you will receive in the end might differ from the one you have chosen previously.
A room needs to be rented for at least one semester. The lenght of the rent is then based on the following semester dates: sumer term is from August 10 to December 31 and winter term from January 01 to June 14.

Visa and residence permit: For further information one needs to differentiate between EU-citizens and students without an EU-cizitenship.

  • Students with EU-citizenship: After arriving in Norway, this group of students needs to register their current residency in Norway. An application for a reseidence is not necessary.
    Students who would like to stay for more than three months will need to register at a police station. In order to do so, it is recommended to already make an appointment on the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. For the registration, the box for "contact person" should be left open. 
  • Students without an EU-citizenship: For students in this group, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit after arriving in Norway. In addition, it might also be required to apply for a visa before entering the country. If it is required or not depends on the respective home country.
    When applying for a residence permit, it is recommended to make an appointment on the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration early on. In addition, you can find further information on the required documents here.

Insurances: Also in the field of insurances it is necessary to differentiate between students with an EU-citizenship and those without because both groups are facing different conditions. 

  • Students with EU-citizenship: Students in this group need to have a healtn insurance from their home country. The possession of a European Health Insurance Card proofs that the owner has a claim to medical care during the temporary stay in a member state of the European Economic Area. The medical care needs to be equal to the care that is dispalyed towards citizens of this country.
    In general, costs caused in the context of pre-existing illnesses and/ or dental treatments will not be refunded by the health insurance at home.
  • Students without an EU-citizenship: Also students from this group should have a health insurance from their home country at their disposal in order to get refunds for the costs that were caused by the Norwegian National Health Scheme vorgenommen. However, a voluntary entrance into the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme is also possible any time. Please find further information on the application of it here.

For all students who will stay in Norway for more than three months, it is possible to join the National Insurance Scheme voluntarily. One can apply for a membership online by using the respective Application Form which then needs to be send to the next municipality.

All students are obliged to take out necessary insurances for accidents, illness, injuries, loss or violation of other people or their belongings during their stay in Norway. In addition, it is recommended to take out a travel insurance as well as an insurance which covers compensation for damages to one's belongings that happened in the dormitory.