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More Information concerning the application process can be seen here.

It's compulsory for ALL incoming students to apply via International Office of the home university and fill in the online application for exchange students. No student will be accepted if they have not been registered.

All final courses must appear in the UPV application form and should be the same as the ones written in the Learning Agreement.

Students are required to upload the following documents in the online application exchange:

  • Printed application form, signed and sealed by the coordinator of the home university (International Office)
  • Learning Agreement signed and sealed by the departmental and ERASMUS coordinator of the home university
  • Copy of Transcript of Records
  • Any certificate of language proficiency
  • Copy of  passport or ID card number
  • Recent photograph

There’s NO need to send  any original documents by post.

The university won't send any letter of acceptance until the student uploads the UPV registration form dully signed and stamped and the rest of required documents.

All incoming exchange students coming to UPV should give proof of their sufficient knowledge of the Spanish Language in one of the following ways:

  • Certificate of having achieved level A1 (CEFR) of Spanish language
  • Certificate stating that they have taken at least 100 hours of spanish language lessons

If the student's actual language abilities do not correspond to the ones mentioned above, he/she will not be accepted.

Exceptions can be considered if the applicant intends to do ONLY project work (bachelor or master thesis, etc.) supervised in English or another language. A letter or email explaining this circumstance should be
enclosed with the application documents. These students cannot participate in the Spanish language regular courses, which begin at A2 level of CEFR.

For students attending lectures taught in Spanish is advisable to achieve at least level B1. Notice that in some courses it is required to have level B2.

Enrolment Documents

Once in Gandia, students should hand in the following documents:

- copy of the health insurance (it must be valid for the whole stay)
- copy of the visa (non European Union student)

No student will be enrolled without having all the required documents.


Students must select ALMOST all courses from ONE study year(1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)

Notice that:

Cur/Sem 1A means 1st year, A or winter semester (September – January)
Cur/Sem 2B means 2nd year, B or summer semester (February – June)
Cur/Sem 3AB means 3rd year, annual (September – June)

Students will be able to select courses from OTHER YEARS but only from the previous or the later study year in order to avoid overlap, taking into account that:

1st year courses are in the morning
2nd year courses are in the evening
3rd year courses are in the morning
4th year courses are in the evening

Students are allowed to select maximum courses from 2 different years.

The enrolment group will be assigned by the Administration Office. 

The first week of June the university will let the students know if all their selected courses have been accepted or not. The university will contact the students via e-mail with the rejected courses in order to modify them for available ones. Students should be aware of their mail box. Changes afterwards won’t be possible.

In special cases, it would be possible to modify a maximum of 2 lectures one week after the semester has started, deadline for changes 19th September 2014.


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