Spain - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


The first step is that interested students get nominated by their home university for an exchange to Universidad the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC).
Four weeks after the application deadline students will receive a response whether their application was successful or not and if they got accepted for an exchange to ULPGC.

For an exchange to ULPGC recommends to have a Spanisch language level of at least B1 of the Common European Framework in order to be able to follow the courses. For Bachelor students this is only a recommendation and an official language certificate is not needed for an application. But for Master students the language level is one of the application requirements that need to be fulfilled and it is required to hand in an official language certificate together with the other application documents.


Semester Dates

Winter semester: Mid-September - Late January
- Lectures: 10 September - 21 December 2018
- Exams: 07 - 25 January 2019

Summer semester: Late January - Mid-June
- Lectures: 28 January – 17 May 2019
- Exams: 20 - 31 May 2019

One week before the actual start of the lectures, there will be an orientation week for all new students. Participating in this event is highly recommened for new exchange students.



For students of Hochschule Bremerhaven especially the courses in the fields of 'Business', 'Economics' and 'Tourism' are interesting due to the fact that these are included in the cooperation between the universities. You can find an overview on the course offers of these study programmes on the respective websites.
The different courses are mainly offered in Spanish, but singl courses are also taught in German.
In order to be able to follow the courses successfully, ULPGC recommends Spanish language skills with at least a level of B1. For Bachelor students this level is only a recommentdation and an official language certificate is not necesserary for an application. In contrast, the language level is an application requirement for Master students doing an exchange at ULPGC and they need to hand in an official language certificate together with the other application documents.

In general, students should choose courses within the faculty with which their home university copperates with. Nevertheless, students are also allowed to attend courses from other faculties if their number does not exceed 40% of the total amount of courses choosen in the Learning Agreement.

Grading Scheme: At ULPGC the grading scheme shown below is used: 

Spanish GradeDescription
9-10 (A)Excellent
8 (B)Very good
7 (C)Good
6 (D)Satisfactory
5 (E)Sufficient
0-4 (FX/F)Failed


Further Information

Visa: If needed, the International Mobility Point supports students who are applying for a visa.

Health Insurance: The International Mobility Point helps you with questions concerning a health insurance in Spain. In addition, students who will not be covererd by a health insurance from their home country will be informed separately about the upcoming procedure on the way towards the application for a Spanish health insurance.

Accommodation: The International Mobility Point offers to help with questions regarding finding and renting a suitable accommodation.