Spain - Mataró - TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme


After the students got nominated for a stay at TecnoCampus by their home university, they will receive an email with further information on the registration process. The whole application will be carried out in digital form and includes the following documents: 

  • Proof of a valid health insurance in Spain
  • Passport foto
  • Learning Agreement: It needs to be prepared in cooperation with the Erasmus coordinator at the home university and is then sent to the International Office of TecnoCampus.

As soon as the Learning Agreement has been filled and signed by all three parties (students, home and receiving institution), an Admission Letter is prepared and send to the students via email. If needed, the Learning Agreement can be changed after the arrival at Mataró within two weeks after the Ortientation Day. 


Semester Dates

First Trimester: September - December
     - Orientation Day: 21 September 2018
     - Lectures: 24 September - 04 December 2018
     - Exams: 10 - 21 December 2018
     - Retake Exams: 25 and 28 January
     - Holidays: 22 December 2018 - 06 January 2019

Second Trimester: January - April
     - Orientation Day: 07 January 2019
     - Lectures: 07 January - 15 March 2019
     - Exams: 18 - 29 March 2019
     - Retake Exams: 02 and 03 May 2019

Third Trimester: April - June
     - Orientation Day: 01 April 2019
     - Lectures: 01 April - 17 June 2019
     - Holidays: 15 - 22 April 2019
     - Exams: 20 - 28 June 2019
     - Retake Exams: 10 -12 July 2019



On the TecnoCampus website you can find an Overview of the course offers for exchange students, arranged according to the study course (offer includes the fields Business Administration, Tourism, Marketing, Logistics, Nursery, Sport Sciences, Audiovidual Media, Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) and the language in which the course is taught. The main teaching languages are English and Spanish. For those courses that are usually taught in Catalan, there often exists the possibility to change the teaching language to Spanish in order to help the exchange students. In addition, there might be the case that the course is split up in different groups that are then taught in one of the three languages. In general, exams can be taken in either English, Spanish or Catalan. 

Grading System: At TecnoCampus the grading scheme shown below is used.

Excellent 9 - 10 A
Good 7 - 8.99B
Passed5 - 6.99C, D and E
Not passed/ Failed0 - 4.99FX and F


Language Courses: University TecnoCampus offers language courses with different levels (depending on the prior knowledge) that are free of charge for international students. In this context, the language courses are taught with a scope of three hours per weeks and 30 hours per semester. For students interested in learning Catalan, there is the possibility to join a language course at Centre de Normalització Lingüística del Maresme.

In addition, students got the chance to apply for a language tandem at which ones meets a local student and one talks to each other in the mother tongue of the other. This approach helps to deepen ones language knowledge and to get more confident when using it. For further information or in order to apply, please contact the International Office.  



Further Information


  • Students with EU citizenship can live and work with Spain if they have a valid ID card or passport. If the stay in Spain will be longer than 90 days, it is necessary to inform the foreigners' register. This registration can be carried out at a police station and it includes the issuing of a confirmation of registration as well as a NIE number.
  • Students without EU citizenship need to inform themselves about the entry requirements for studying in Spain at the consualte of Spain in their home country. For a visa application, students often need an Admission Letter which can be prepared by the International Office of TecnoCampus. Due to the fact that a visa application can take some time, it is recommended to start the process in good time before your exchange starts. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that a visa type D is required for a study visit.

Health Insurance: For students with EU citizenship a European health insurance card is enough to cover the provision of medical care in Spain.
Students without EU citizenship are asked to check if a resolution of mutual provision of medical care exists between the respective home country and Spain. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to take out a private health insurance during the stay at TecnoCampus.

As an alternative, there also exists the possibility to take out a health insurance that is especially offered for students of TecnoCampus. Further information on the fees and the services are listed here.

Accommodation: In general, it is the students' task to find a suitable accommodation for their stay. In order to simplify the process for the students, TecnoCampus made an agreement with the provider that offers accommodation in Mataró and the surrounding area. An accommodation in this case can be, for example, a communal residence or a room at a host family. In addition, TecnoCampus offers an overview of different housing companies whom you can contact in order to rent an appartment. Further useful information can also be found on the Facebook page 'Allotjament Tecnocampus', on which students publish new offers regularly. 

Buddy Programme: The university gives international students the possibility to join the buddy programme. The programmes includes the assignment of exchange students to local students who will help to get setlled in Mataró and at the university. This could for example mean to do a campus tour together, to help with bureaucratic issues or when looking for accommodation. A registration for the programme is possible on the Website of the university.

Besides the possibilty of joining the Erasmus programme, the Erasmus Student Network organizes different trips and cultural offers in order to show exchange students their hosty country, to get to know new people and to simplify the process of settling in at Mataró. 

Further interesting information for exchange students are also offered on the Facebook page Exchange Students Tecnocampus'.

Detailled information on different aspects regarding the stay at TecnoCampus can additionally be found in the Handbook for students that has been prepared by the university.

In order to get a visual impression of university TecnoCamous, an image video with information regarding an exchange to Mataró has been created for potential exchange students.