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The University School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is located in the capital island of Tenerife (Canary Island, Spain); a highly relevant area in the tourism business due to the very traits that characterize the islands: mild weather, a diverse and great number of landscapes, endemic flora and fauna, as well as the widely known hospitality of their people. As of our school, it is located in one of the most central zones of the island’s capital, close to the main means of transport for our students and teachers – bus, taxi, and streetcar services, namely.
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The University School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been training professionals for the tourism business for 50 years; this long-standing experience endorsing our center continues to renovate its comprise with a high-quality and expertise-oriented training for our students.
Currently, we are a University School attached to the University of La Laguna. Within the wide range of programs we offer, we shall focus on the Bachelor of Arts in Tourism taught in our center. This is an official degree consisting of 240 credits and structured in a four-year module.
Title degree: Bachelor of Arts in Tourism from University of La Laguna.
Area of knowledge: Social Sciences and Law.
University and teaching center: University of La Laguna. University School of Tourism of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Type of teaching: in-class
Number of new places: 50

Language of tuition in the BA in Tourism

  • 80% Spanish.
  • 20% within such 80% combine both Spanish and English.
  • 20% English and German.

The percentage of second language in teaching is intended to be gradually increased in the following academic years.

Financial Information

  • Administrative costs: €50 for the entire period of student mobility.
  • No other additional costs are to be applied to the University School.
  • Accommodation expenses, food, and transportation should be paid by the student or teacher, although the University School can assist in the search and provide information to the students.
  • The discount policies the University School has agreed upon with several services companies can be extended for ERASMUS students and teachers.

Further Information

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