Participants tell their Summer School experience

Fabiana Cherubini, Italy, University of Brescia (partner university to Hochschule Bremerhaven), International Summer School 2016

Fabiana Cherubini

A great challenging experience!

When Ms Aletta told me to write down just few of my impressions about the experience here in Bremerhaven, I accepted immediately thinking that “Yes, I can do it, it will be quite simple!” Well, now I find it difficult because there are too many memories I want to tell to anyone who is interested to participate. Let’s start from the beginning! Read more...

Valeria Bravo Tobón, Colombia, Universidad EAFIT (partner university to Hochschule Bremerhaven), International Summer School 2016

Valeria Bravo Tobón (2nd from the left)

The Summer School: More than just two weeks of courses… a lifetime experience 

Dear future students that are thinking of taking part of the Summer School, let me say you something: It is the best idea that you can have! Why? Because it is more than just a “Summer School”, it is a place where you can find a different way of life, it is a time in which you can change completely your way of thinking, in which you can open your mind as you have never thought before; it is the time and place to discover a new culture, totally different as yours, and find new and awesome friends from all over the world who will teach you a lot, but not about mathematics, economics or physics… Read more...

Ravindra Deshpande, India, International Summer School 2016

Ravindra Deshpande (4rth from the left)

I want to say many things about Summer School 2016…

…but I’m unable to find words to describe this wonderful experience. The Summer School 2016 gave me many new thoughts on which I can think very deep for the rest of my life. There were many things which I experienced for the first time in my lifetime. Read more...

Abusufyan Mahmood, Nigeria, International Summer School 2014

Abusufyan Mahmood

Friendship, kindness, richness of heart, and an unforgettable experience

This is a bittersweet moment. Bitter that we have to depart, but sweet that despite this departure, we have come to know one another and have shared priceless moments that will forever remain memorable chapters in our lives. I have thought about how to begin my speech, but having seen so many thoughts pictorially expressed, I thought I would take a different angle. Speech has always resonated with people, but every time I put pen to paper, I cancelled because something inside of me tells me there is a better way to begin. Read more...

Yi Tang, China, International Summer School 2012

Yi Tang

Unique and interesting multicultural experience

I have to admit that the International Summer School was much beyond my expectation! Every aspect of the Summer School including the warm reception, the interesting courses, the fantastic trips and the lovely classmates was just perfect. As a Chinese student, the Summer School offered me a wonderful opportunity to get a brief but clear knowledge about the western world which was totally fresh to me. read more...

Michal Gorski, Poland, International Summer School 2010

Michal Gorski

Dreams come true in Bremerhaven…

I must say that I am very lucky guy. It was a great honor for me to represent Gdynia Maritime University during Bremerhaven International Summer School 2010 and I must say that it was one of the greatest times in my life. Do you think that learning during holidays is boring? For sure not in Bremerhaven. International Summer School is nothing like other boring lectures at your University. It is especially intercultural exploring with colleagues from all over the world. read more...

Nicolas Tuchmann, France, International Summer School 2010

Nicolas Tuchmannn

Mes deux semaines au sein de l'école de Bremerhaven

Au cours de ces deux semaines passées, j'ai participé à plusieurs événements à la fois intellectuels, culturels et touristiques avec des étudiants du monde entier.

Dans un premier temps, j’ai fait la connaissance de mon partenaire de chambre Michal un polonais de 24 ans qui étudie l’ingénierie et fait parti des meilleurs étudiants de son école. Ensuite, nous nous sommes tous rencontrer dans l’amphithéâtre de l’école un à un puis les professeurs avec le directeur du Summer School. read more...

Silvia Martinez Quiroga, Spain, International Summer School 2010

Si pienso en mis dos semanas en Bremerhaven solo pienso en algo precioso. Nunca antes había tenido una experiencia como esta, y tengo que decir que ha sido lo mejor que he hecho en mi vida.

Descubrí una forma de docencia distinta: aprendía a la vez que me divertía. Las clases eran entretenidas y todos colaborabamos. Además no todo era estudiar, teniamos excursiones: a algunas de las empresas más importantes de la zona, a maravillosos museos y por supuesto a conocer cuidades y lugares cercanos, como por ejemplo Helgoland, Bremen..

Lo mejor de todo fue conocer a nuevos amigos de distintos países y culturas, e intercambiar fiestas y tradiciones. Lo único triste de todo ese tiempo fue despedirme de todos mis compañeros, todavía sigo echándolos de menos.

En la actualidad me encuentro haciendo un Erasmus en Bremerhaven y no puedo ser más feliz.
Probablemente siga aquí por mucho más tiempo.

Silvia Martinez Quiroga


Malgorzata Wojtan, Poland, International Summer School 2009

Malgorzata Wojtan

Summer School means a lot more than just "school" in the "summer".

It’s a unique way of gathering knowledge and sharing experiences with people from different corners of the world. It is also an adventure, which provides diverse views over the specific subjects, both scientific and casual.

Having participated in Bremerhaven International Summer School 2009, I can share some top memories of mine. I had the opportunity to take part in the course called “Wind of Change” which was devoted to new energy technologies issues, mostly concerning the construction, logistics and (dis-)adventages of the wind turbines. read more...

Olga Lopatina, Russia, International Summer School 2009

Olga Lopatina

To gain new knowledge and experience, broaden your mind, make new friends and at the same time just have fun

Perfectly organized study courses and sated cultural programs have left unforgettable impressions. I can say for sure that studying at Bremerhaven International Summer School 2009 gave me a chance to advance my knowledge in management and economics realms. Warm greetings, friendly assistants and hospitality were my first impressions after arrival in Bremerhaven.

I had chosen the change management course. It consisted of management of multicultural team, steering the change process, managing transition to networked enterprise, change management project, essential elements of change, change in intercultural marketing and typical change models. It included lectures, case studies, group work and more...

Stephan Bäse, Germany, International Summer School 2006

the experience to work together with different people and expand your contacts internationally

What to do in my vacation? Why not take an extra course? What would sound usual for some I tried it and here is my verdict.
Six different nationalities naming Russian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German among the participants and adding another five for the lecturers and what you get was this year’s Summer School at Bremerhaven University during the holidays. This Summer School started off in Rotterdam and changed location to the Bremerhaven University four years ago. read more...