First of all, I am very glad to be the first Italian student to participate and represent the University partner of Brescia. There are two words which led me during all the two weeks spent at Hochschule in Bremerhaven: “communicate and exchange”. Prof. W. Siddre told us at the opening ceremony and I found them the “red line” of this summer school. I had also the big pleasure to participate to Prof. Siddre special lectures, with whom I could exchange ideas about the fundamentals of economics, but also appreciate his passion in teaching, always with a smile in his face. Honestly, these extra lessons were very busy, but however, it was extra time spent with my fellow students.

Each lesson was different from the others, but in all of them I shared priceless moments that will remain memorable: from the wooden car race to lessons at the seaside, from the countless work groups to the most enjoyable representation of an UN resolution, and so on…nothing is left to chance.

In addition to the lessons there were a lot of extra activities, such as a tango course, a boat trip to the Helgoland Island, a Mercedes Benz company visit in Bremen, a trip to Berlin and Hamburg, museums, sailing and golf training…it’s the whole world in here! It was unbelievable how a group of more or less 20 young students, from different nations, different backgrounds and different ways of thinking, could share the same emotions, feelings, desire to have fun and also get to know each other.

I could describe these two weeks as a dive, a little taste to the discovery of other cultures, learning how to interact with them and how important this is, nowadays, to have cultural awareness. The atmosphere is unique and cheerful; all the international office employees, student assistants and professors are always available to help you and give further explanation.

I was really surprised when the Bremerhaven Summer school director, Dr. Feldmeier, picked me up from my hostel to drive me to the train station! I really enjoyed every single moment spent at the Summer School: I learnt more about different cultures and how to communicate and approach them, I have made many new friends and met new people.

A great experience that I would recommend to all those interested to open their own horizons and to face new challenges!