Malgorzata Wojtan

Summer School means a lot more than just "school" in the "summer".

It’s a unique way of gathering knowledge and sharing experiences with people from different corners of the world. It is also an adventure, which provides diverse views over the specific subjects, both scientific and casual.

Having participated in Bremerhaven International Summer School 2009, I can share some top memories of mine. I had the opportunity to take part in the course called “Wind of Change” which was devoted to new energy technologies issues, mostly concerning the construction, logistics and (dis-)adventages of the wind turbines.

The lecturers of different nations (Germany, Colombia, Spain, Japan and Poland) provided us with the fresh view and examples from their countries, which allowed us to understand and analyze the discussed issues in the global perspective. After the suitable theory had been taught, we could also visit the wind farm and meet people who are currently working in this branch. This way all our questions about the practical aspects could also be answered professionally.

The Course and its benefits stand for one of the offers, which Summer School has in store. One of the biggest advantages of this event is its multinational profile. In 2009 the participants were coming from Colombia, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Thanks to joint workshops we could cooperate and get to know each other well, discover the differences and similarities. At the end of the day we were all equal friends, with just different origins and experiences. Shared living, activities and trips strengthened the bonds of familiarity ever further.

Together we took part with the additional courses, e.g. in the unforgettable Tango Lessons, the Etiquette of Fine Wine Tasting or even Tai Chi. We visited the famous German Emigration Center (Museum), Zoo Am Meer and other interesting places. Not only we got to know Bremerhaven very well, but also other cities, like Bremen, Hamburg or even Helgoland.

The time we spent together in the courses, excursions, parties and cultural events made us understand the essence of tolerance and the importance of the cultural awareness. The great atmosphere contributed to creating many friendships and helped opening our minds and views toward worldwide issues and broadened our horizons.

Having experienced all the positive aspects of meeting foreign people and discovering different points of view and multiple attitudes I decided to come back to Bremerhaven half a year later as an Erasmus student. As a matter of fact I could write a book about it, yet… You should not read it - just experience it yourself!

Malgorzata Wojtan