Michal Gorski, Poland, International Summer School 2010

I must say that I am very lucky guy. It was a great honor for me to represent Gdynia Maritime University during Bremerhaven International Summer School 2010 and I must say that it was one of the greatest times in my life. Do you think that learning during holidays is boring? For sure not in Bremerhaven. International Summer School is nothing like other boring lectures at your University. It is especially intercultural exploring with colleagues from all over the world.

Frankly speaking, all lectures had very interesting programs. I had the possibility to learn about intercultural awareness with people from different parts of the world for example: Spain, France, USA, Russia, Japan, China, Columbia and many, many more. Besides, we gained deeper knowledge about economics and the fact that “There is no free lunch”. We also had classes with Ph.D Angel Barajas about finance where we tried to become a makler and also very interesting lectures with Mr Bruce Delagaad from University of Illinois (USA).

Bremerhaven Summer School consists not only of lecturers. During two weeks we had the possibility to know each other and visit special places in Bremerhaven and Bremen. We had occasion to visit Helgoland Island and Beck’s brewery. But the most interesting and unforgettable places were Mercedes factory and the biggest container terminal in Europe. Why were those things so important for me? Mercedes cars are my favorite, and it was always my dream to visit Mercedes factory. Thanks to International Summer School staff my dream came true.

After the classes we had additional courses such as tango dancing lessons and fine wine tasting etiquette. It was really nice experience.
After International Summer School I still have words of prof. Siddre “communicate and exchange” in my mind. In my opinion these words describe International Summer School. Two weeks in Germany gave me the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries and to exchange cultural values.

I’d like to recommend International Summer School to all the people, who are interested in having great time and learning something more about other cultures. It feels really nice to have friends all over the world.

Michal Gorski