Stephan Bäse

the experience to work together with different people and expand your contacts internationally

What to do in my vacation? Why not take an extra course? What would sound usual for some I tried it and here is my verdict.
Six different nationalities naming Russian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German among the participants and adding another five for the lecturers and what you get was this year’s Summer School at Bremerhaven University during the holidays. This Summer School started off in Rotterdam and changed location to the Bremerhaven University four years ago.

The lecturer team consists of Japanese, Indonesian, Columbian, Belgian, American, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Spanish and German members. The concept of Summer School courses was born in the US and as for Europe it is practiced mainly in the UK. Nevertheless not far away in Bremerhaven I had the chance to experience a course for two weeks in the 5 week break. This year’s Summer School topic was: “Change Management”. In fast changing times it is necessary to be prepared in order to understand more about changes in economics, companies and organisations. Two different courses were offered: Change management and economic/technology change.
The usual day of study consisted of a morning and afternoon lecture each one lasting 4 hours. This routine changed only for company site visits to the BLG container terminal, Beck’s brewery, Daimler Chrysler, Lloyd shipyard. All located in Bremen and Bremerhaven.
There was a bit of pleasure too. A beach day in Dorum was organized and a day trip to Helgoland. The one free Sunday was mainly used for exploring Hamburg or even Amsterdam.
I had chosen the change management course. Main target was to learn about change processes and how they work, what errors are made, how people react, what approaches are there to changes, what are the crucial differences in change, what internal and external factors play a role, how to allow creative chaos and use it during the process.
Creativity, problem solving, mind mapping, human computer relations, case studies, global marketing strategies and an intercultural training and workshop were part of the program too.
The evenings were filled with Spanish, Russian, Indonesian Nights where national meals were prepared and typical music was played. Other leisure activities included Tango lessons and an afternoon of Thai Chi.
I have to admit that the programme was quite tough but well worth it. If sometimes you felt it was a bit much you had to realize that the 3 ECTS points and your grade had to be earned and it was not all just for fun.
But on the final evening with the graduation and a farewell party everybody agreed that it was a great opportunity to meet different cultures, have fun and study together.

Besides the material and content of the course it offered the experience to work together with different people and expand your contacts internationally. You never know when you could use these contacts. For me it was truly an excellent decision.

So watch out for the Summer School 2007 in Bremerhaven.