...they will teach you about life, culture, friendship, traditions, languages. During the Summer School I did not only learn about new cultures or met new friends, I also learned more about myself, my country and my culture. It was a time to rediscover where I am from, to appreciate it and to understand that the world is really big and our city, country or culture are not the only ones in it; I had to learn how to deal with different ways of thinking, with a huge multicultural group of people and try to understand why they are as they are and respect it… thereby I could learn a lot about the people that were surrounding me… and that was the most interesting part for me and the one that I liked the most.

We laughed a lot, but also learned a lot, we said a lot of things, but there are some words that are still missing, we said a shy “Hello” and a really sad “Good bye”… there were a lot of things that I lived through during these two weeks and all of them will remain in my mind as one of the most grateful and wonderful memories of my life. Now only left to say “Thank you” to the people who allowed me to take part in this Summer School and to those who shared their time with me… let me say that it was not a “Good bye” for me, it was more like a “See you later” (in your country, in mine or wherever life wants).

So dear future students, if you have the chance to take part in something similar… Just Do It! You will never regret it.