Internship abroad


As part of your studies, students often have the opportunity to complete an internship abroad. If you decide to do an internship abroad, you have to apply for a placement at the respective companies and institutions independently. After receiving a positive response, you can apply for a scholarship at the International Office of the Hochschule Bremerhaven - University of Applied Sciences. Further information is available at Scholarships and other possibilities for grants.

Finding an internship

Finding an internship abroad often requires a lot of patience and a high degree of self-initiative. The International Office and Career Service Centre of the Hochschule Bremerhaven - University of Applied Sciences as well as the respective internship coordinators of the different study programs can assist students in searching and organising internships abroad.
The brochure Wege ins Auslandspraktikum and the DAAD brochure include information about different scholarship programmes, internship agencies, ways of funding and practical experiences.

Furthermore, there are agencies helping students to find an internship, providing grants and giving support while organising the internship and the different formalities connected to it. Some of the agencies provide their services for free, though the private ones often charge a fee. 

The International Office often receives internship offers which are listed below. Please consider that the listed offers do not represent either a rating or a recommendation. Please review the companies and the preferred internship position yourself and check whether you have to pay an agency fee. The Erasmus quality criteria can be used as guidance.

Internship Offers

Please note, that the internships listed below do not represent an evaluation or a recommendation. Please check yourself the institution as well as the proposed internship and if there are any placement fees. As a help you can use the ERASMUS-quality criteria.

More internships offers are published at national and international internship and job markets.

Internship Offers

Description of InternshipDurationLocation
Deutsch-Baltischen Handelskammer4-12 monthsEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Hotel Plevna (3*) - front desk or Social Media Marketing3/4-6 monthsMalta
Embrace Cooperation Ltd.United Kingdom
Hotel3-6 monthsGreece
Internship UK (e.g. in Marketing, HR, Media)
Office of the Hochschulkonferenz (HRK) 3-4 months Brussels
Tax consultancy4-5 monthsFrance
Intercruises - Product Intern6 monthsLondon
Intercruises - Product Intern6 monthsEdinburgh
Intercruises - Turnaround Executive 6 monthsLondon (Ealing)
Intercruises - Transport and Logistics6 monthsLondon
Intercruises - Port Agency6 monthsSouthampton, England
Intercruises - Operations and Product InternNice, France
Intercruises - Operations and Product InternMarseille, France
Intercruises - Operations and Product InternLe Havre, France
Bedbank - Hotel & Activities Customer ServiceRimini, Italy
Hotelbeds Group - Sales Support AgentPalma de Mallorca
Hotelbeds Group (IT department) - Process Monitoring and ControlPalma de Mallorca
Hotelbeds Group - Global Sourcing & ProcurementPalma de Mallorca
Hotelbeds Group - Booking Maximization AgentPalma de Mallorca
Roiback - Web DeveloperPalma de Mallorca

Experience reports

Here you can find experience reports of students who have completed an internship abroad.