Bremer Studien-Fonds e.V.

You are planning an internship abroad?
It is not mandatory that the internship is conducted abroad?

Then you can apply for a grant from the Bremer Studien-Fonds e.V. until the 15th January / 15th July of each year.

The Bremer Studienfonds allocates scholarships and one-time allowances for internships abroad, which are not obligatory to be completed abroad as stated in the examination regulations. If other grants of the DAAD, the EU or foundations are not sufficient, the plans to go abroad can be supported through the Bremer Studien-Fonds e.V. Applications have to be handed into the International Office of the University of Applied Sciences.

Below you can find more information regarding the Bremer Studien-Fonds e.V. and print out the application form.

- Flyer Bremer Studien-Fonds

- Application Bremer Studien-Fonds

- Guideline for awarding Bremer Studien-Fonds