PROMOS scholarship

Programm zur Steigerung der Mobilität von Studierenden deutscher Hochschulen (Programme to increase the mobility of students at German universities)

Scholarship opportunities

In general, the following stays abroad can be funded worldwide under the PROMOS programme, provided that no travel warning has been issued by the Federal Foreign Office for the respective country or region at the time of the stay:


Funding PeriodType of fundingFurther information
Study periods of students at universities abroadat least 1 to a maximum of 6 monthsmonthly partial scholarship instalments and/or travel flat rate and/or tuition fee flat rate

- Stays for the preparation of theses are also fundable if no regular courses are attended at a university.

- Study periods at a higher education institution in the Erasmus+ area are only possible where there is no Erasmus+ cooperation for this subject or for students for whom a further Erasmus+ period abroad is excluded.

Language coursesat least 3 weeks to a maximum of 6 monthsmonthly partial scholarship instalments and/or travel flat rate and/or lump sum tuition fee

- Language courses at public and private universities abroad are eligible for funding.

- Only language courses of at least 25 hours per week can be funded.

Internshipsat least 3 weeks to a maximum of 6 months

- Funding for placements abroad in the Erasmus+ area is only possible in exceptional cases.

- Internships at international organisations (e.g. UN), EU institutions, institutions and organisations that administer EU programmes, the German missions abroad, the German Humanities Institutes, the Goethe Institutes, the German Archaeological Institute and the German Schools Abroad (DAS) are not eligible for funding.

- Internships arranged by the organisations IAESTE, AIESEC, bvmd, ZAD and ELSA can still be funded by DAAD with travel grants. Funding for these internships in the PROMOS programme is generally possible.

- Due to the limited PROMOS funds, paid internship stays are subsidized on a secondary basis.

Study tripsmaximum of 12 daysdaily stay flat rate

- The trip must be accompanied by a university teacher. The application should be made through this university teacher in the International Office. Please contact the International Office in advance.

- In addition to acquiring subject-related knowledge and providing an insight into the host country, the focus should be on meeting students and scientists.

- Not eligible for funding are trips with a predominantly touristic programme as well as lecture or congress trips.





Students who are planning a stay abroad in 2022 in order to expand their professional, linguistic, intercultural and social skills can submit their paper applications for the PROMOS program 2022 to the International Office/Outgoings Department by November 15, 2021. Please check beforehand whether the form of your stay abroad meets the eligibility criteria listed under "Scholarship opportunities".

The following application documents are required:

1. PROMOS application form of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven (please fill out completely on the computer)

2. Letter of motivation

3. Curriculum Vitae with photo

4. Latest Transcript of records (signed by the Admission Office)

5. Current enrolment certificate

6. Study semester:
    - Learning Agreement
    - Acceptance Letter from the host organisation

7. Internship semester: Confirmation of the employer or the internship contract signed by both parties, stating the type of work, the duration of the internship and, if applicable, the internship fee

8. Proof of language skills/ Language certificate

9. Other relevant documents

Application requirements

Regularly enrolled students in Bachelor or Master programs at University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven can apply for the PROMOS programme,

1. who have German citizenship

2. have equal status to Germans according to § 8 paragraph 1 number 2 ff., paragraph 2, 2a and 3 BAföG (in this context the wording of the law applies, to be found at

3. as well as students and graduates without German nationality who are enrolled at University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven with the aim of obtaining a degree there.

Stays in the home country are generally excluded.

Selection criteria

The criteria for the award of the scholarships are:

1. compliance with the deadline,

2. professional aspects (qualifications, academic achievements, language skills),

3. quality of the application (convincing letter of motivation, sense of the planned stay, knowledge of the host country and the host university or company),

4. social issues (social competence, social commitment),

5. the outcome of the interviews, if applicable

Selection process

The first step is a formal preliminary examination by the International Office with regard to the completeness of the application documents submitted and the fulfilment of the eligibility requirements (nationality, studying at University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, no overlap with other DAAD funding programmes, adherence to the deadline).

All applications that meet the formal criteria will then be forwarded to the Selection Committee, which will rank the respective applications according to the selection criteria. If several applications are of equal value, selection interviews can be held.

Afterwards, a ranking of the scholarship holders and a waiting list of the other applicants will be determined. The amount and type of scholarship will also be decided upon as far as possible.

In the last step, the results will be communicated to all applicants as soon as possible, at the latest within four weeks after the application deadline.

Please refrain from asking about the current status of your application.


The University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven awards PROMOS scholarships within the framework of the funds made available to it by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The DAAD's funding lump sums provide an orientation about the possible amount of financial support for stays abroad that are funded by the PROMOS programme. There are different types of support (partial scholarship instalments, flat-rate travel allowances, flat-rate tuition fees). The funds made available to the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven by the DAAD are very limited, which is why the planned stays abroad can often only be funded in part and not for the entire duration.

Partial scholarship instalments can be paid for language courses, study visits and internships according to the target country. Full and half partial scholarship instalments can be paid; the calculation is based on the length of stay in the target country:

- Full partial-tuition scholarship instalment for each full month (15 days or more of stay)

- Half partial scholarship instalment for each month or part thereof (1-14 days stay)

For a stay of 70 days, for example, 2.5 partial scholarship instalments can be paid (2 full months + 10 days).

Reporting documents

The following documents should be submitted to the International Office no later than four weeks after the end of the stay abroad:


Study semesterInternship semester

1. Experience Report

2. Confirmation of Stay

3. Transcript of Records

4. Signed students' report

1. Experience Report

2. Confirmation of Stay

3. Internship Certificate

4. Signed students' report




Further information about the PROMOS-scholarship

PROMOS scholarship holders who are planning a study semester in Australia or New Zealand can look forward to additional financial support (Down Under Zuschuss). The grant awarded by the Ranke-Heinemann Institute in consultation with the DAAD reduces tuition fees by 10%, i.e. by up to 700 - 1200 Australian or New Zealand dollars depending on the study program. The programme is supported by almost all universities in Australia and New Zealand. Further information about the Down-Under Grant can be found on the website of Institut Ranke-Heinemann.

PROMOS funding is only available if there is no travel warning from the German Foreign Office for the country or region in question. If a travel warning is issued after the start of the stay, the scholarship holders must interrupt their stay abroad. The scholarship will not be continued.

PROMOS scholarship holders must ensure that they have sufficient insurance coverage themselves. It is possible to take out an international insurance policy via the DAAD group tariff.

Within a section of education, students can be supported with various funding measures. The total funding period related to the support of study and internship stays may not exceed six months.

Erasmus+ and PROMOS grants cannot be obtained simultaneously. This regulation also applies to DAAD individual scholarships in combination with PROMOS scholarships.

The Deutschlandstipendium and the PROMOS grants can be obtained simultaneously without restriction.

The PROMOS grant must be indicated at the Auslandsbafög-Stelle. If you draw on Auslandsbafög, there is only a free credit of EUR 300 for the monthly partial scholarship instalment. The travel allowance will be credited in its entirety against the travel allowance of the Auslandsbafög.