Choosing an academic career is no longer a major challenge nowadays. A more difficult issue, however, is the what and where to study. After all, this decision often shapes your whole life. In order to support prospective students who are considering the location Bremerhaven, the applicant management will assist you by providing all-around services including information events and letters right from when you first apply all the way through enrollment. Currently the applicant management provides the following information events and services:

- Regular correspondence via letters and emails incl. invitations to events

- General online information sessions for applicants and parents

- Breakfast with your professor event (online only during corona)

- Weekly newsletters - after registering with the ecampus application system or after having been added to this system upon approval by Uni-Assist (non-EU applicants).

Furthermore, prospective students may contact one of the study tutors. Each Bachelor's programme is usually represented by a study tutor. Follolw them on Instagram or contact them via e-mail. They are happy to answer any questions pertaining to your degree programme or living and studying in Bremerhaven. www.hs-bremerhaven.de/studienpaten
Master's programmes are not represented by study tutors, however, certain programmes are connected to Bachelor’s programmes – therefore applicants may contact the respective Bachelor’s programme study tutor. These include PEET – NEU / LEM – TWL / BioT – BMR / DIIM – BWL or WINF/INF / LT – LTW / WET – MAR.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Sonja Puncken-Kassen either by e-mail spuncken@hs-bremerhaven.de or by phone at +49-471-4823-498.