Bachelor Applicants with non-EU higher education qualification

Apply - but how? Step by step to a successful Bachelor application

1. Register with - here you will receive an applicant ID (BID) as well as a BAN. (Once you enter the portale there is an English version available).

2. Now you can register at UNI-ASSIST using the BID and BAN (this is a pre-requisite for applicants with a non-EU high school leaving certificate). Application deadline is June 30th, 2021

3. Upon approval by UNI-ASSIST your documents will be forwarded to our ecampus online application system.

4. Now you will receive an e-mail from us with further information. Use your BID and BAN for accessing ecampus (

5. upload documents: On ecampus you can now upload further documents as well as (if required or available) apply for hardship, disadvantage compensation, etc.

           a.      For non-admission-restricted courses of study, there is an enrollment guarantee if the
                    necessary university entrance qualification (HZB) is available.

           b.      For admission-restricted programs (BWL, DMP and GIF), the process is the same, but admission
                    is only offered to those who achieve a certain grade point average. This is determined based on
                    the applications received.

6. status messages: You will receive status messages via email as soon as your status changes. If, for example, you receive the status message "provisionally excluded", please check whether you have uploaded all documents.

7. admission offer: as of August 1, admission offers for the open-admission programs will be made via the portal. Admission offers for restricted-admission programs are expected to be available on from August 14.

8. acceptance of offers: If you receive an offer of admission, you must ACTIVELY accept it at Upon acceptance, all further offers of admission (in the case of multiple applications) will be automatically deleted.

9. Completion of the application process: After accepting the offer, you must complete the application process by clicking on "accept" under your study offers on your account in our ecampus portal.

10. application for enrollment: Now you will get to a page with information about semester fees (amount and account details) - below this box you will find the button "print application for enrollment" - please click on it and print the form.

             a.      Forward this form signed by you together with the above mentioned documents
                      by mail to us.

11. enrollment: Upon receipt, the semester documents (certificate of enrollment, semester ticket) will now be generated and sent to you by mail. A separate confirmation of receipt will not be sent.


- Please send change requests or corrections and inquiries to

- Please log in to your ecampus account regularly to find out about status changes, etc.!

If you have any questions regarding admission requirements etc., please contact the Student Advisory Service at

If you have any questions concerning your application, the application management will support you: Sonja Puncken-Kassen will contact you regularly with information about the university and events. You can reach her by e-mail , WhatsApp (+49-173-4638581) or by phone (+49-471-4823-498) or check out the homepage of the application management.