Master Applicants with non-EU undergraduate degrees

If you wish to apply to one of our master's programmes and you have obtained an undergraduate degree from a university or college outside the European Union, you will have to follow a certain process which may require some patience on your side.

1. Study advisory service: Before starting your application process you may contact our study advisor, Ms. Natalie Stellmacher, to inquire whether your academic background qualifies for your chosen Master's programme.

2. UNI-ASSIST application: You are required to start the application process initially via Uni-Assist unless you already have a Test Report which includes information that you are eligible to apply for a Master's programme at a German university or university of applied sciences. 

  • Deadline for winter term applications:
    - PEET: June 30th 2022
    - all other master's programmes: July 15th 2022!

3. UNI-ASSIST approved: If your application is approved by Uni-Assist, your documents will be forwarded automatically to us. 

  • Once your documents are forwarded to us, you will receive a confirmation by Uni-Assist.
    Furthermore, you will also be contacted by the applicant management (Ms. Sonja Puncken-Kassen) 

4. Application procedure at Hochschule Bremerhaven: If all required documents are complete the respective study committee will start the evaluation process, which may take a while - therefore we are asking for your patience in this regard.

5. Admission offer or rejection: these will be issued continuously after the evaluation process has been completed and via e-mail.

  • If admission is offered: further information on how to enroll is provided
  • If admission is denied: you may be able to appeal that decision by forwarding proof of further
    qualifications (such as proof of sufficient work experience in the required field...etc.)

6. Enrollment:

  • can be done via e-mail.
  • upon arrival all relevant documents including the visa have to be presented or forwarded by postal service certified copy (may be individually determined)
  • after documents have been submitted and completed, semester documents will be issued and forwarded via postal service to your address in Germany.


- Please send change requests or corrections and inquiries to

If you have any questions regarding admission requirements etc., please contact the Student Advisory Service at

If you have any questions concerning your application, the applicant management will support you: Ms. Sonja Puncken-Kassen will contact you regularly with information about the application process, university and events. You can reach her by e-mail , WhatsApp (+49-173-4638581) or by phone (+49-471-4823-498) or check out the homepage of the applicant management.