Master Applicants with non-EU undergraduate degrees

If you wish to apply to one of our Master programmes and you have obtained an undergraduate degree from a University or College outside the European Union, you will have to follow a certain process which may require some patience on your side.

1. Study advisory service: Before starting your application process you may contact our study advisor, Ms. Natalie Stellmacher, to inquire whether your academic background qualifies for your choosen Master's programme.

2. UNI-ASSIST application: You are required to start the application process initially via Uni-Assist unless you already have a Test Report which includes information that you are eligible to apply for a Master's programme at a German university or university of applied sciences. Deadline for summer term applications is December 31st!

3. UNI-ASSIST approved: If your application is approved by Uni-Assist, your documents will be forwarded automatically to our ecampus application system. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION IN THIS REGARD! 

4. Application procedure at Hochschule Bremerhaven: If all required documents are complete the respective study committee will start the evaluation process, which may take a while - therefore we are asking for your patience in this regard.

5. Admission approved or rejected: after the process has been completed you will be notified via E-mail whether your application is approved or rejected.

6. Admission approval: In case of approval you will receive an admission offer including information on how to further proceed. Simultaneously you will be informed on how to access your online application on our ecampus application system.

7. Visa procedure: The letter of admission will enable you to start your visa application. Our International Office will be happy to support you in this endeavour. You can also contact them via e-mail for assistance with accommodation, residency registration and other bureaucratic issues once you are in Germany:

8. Online enrolment procedure: now you can start the online enrolment procedure on your ecampus account. You may be requested to forward further documents according to the admission letter as well as transfering the semester fee to the stated account. Upon receipt of all documents and the semester fee, the enrolment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) and semester ticket will be issued and you will be given a so-called "Matrikelnummer" - enrolment number - thus completing your enrolment. If you are residing in Germany, those documents will be forwarded via postal service. If you are not in Germany please contact your respective admission's officer (you will find the name and e-mail address on your admission letter) after arrival and inform her/him about your address in Germany. Pleae also forward a copy of your visa - only then will we forward the enrolment certificate and semester ticket by post. 

9. 1st step after enrolment - register your university e-mail/server account: Once you have received your enrolment number (Matrikelnummer) you should register your Hochschule E-mail account as soon as possible. This will enable you to use your Hochschul E-mail account as well as our E-Learning platform ELLI and other important tools necessary for attending classes. Please note that all official correspondence will be done via our official university account.