Corona Virus FAQ

Status February 8th, 2021


Obligation to report

Do I have to report to the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences in connection with the corona virus?

Yes, because there is a notification obligation in connection with the corona virus according to the circular of the Senator of Finance number 5f/2020 of 30th April 2020.

If there is any suspicion of having contracted the virus, those affected should immediately contact their general practitioner by telephone (under no circumstances in person) or the emergency service of the respective health insurance company. In addition, the reporting chain must be triggered at the university. To do so, university employees should immediately inform their supervisors and the Human Resource Department ( Students must immediately inform the registrar's office ( as well as all lecturers or examiners with whom they had contact recently. The crisis management team at our university ( must be informed as well.

People who have had close contact with an infected person within the last two days, but do not show any symptoms, should also trigger the reporting chain at the university as described above.

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General information for students for the current examination period

The examination schedules have been revised.

The lecturers will provide you with information on the current examination formats and
the conduct of the examination.

If you do not have any information yet, please check the examination schedule or ask the
respective lecturer of the course. If you do not receive any information here, please
contact the respective dean of studies of your department, Prof. Frohberg (FB1) and Prof.
Heimann (FB2) or

If you have technical problems in advance, e.g. your laptop is defect or your internet
connection always breaks down. Please contact us immediately at corona@hsbremerhaven.
de. There is a limited amount of equipment available for loan.

Please register for the exam on at least 3 days before the
exam. Otherwise, we will not be able to admit you to the exam for organisational reasons.

Attempts to cheat in digital examinations will be punished as in all examinations and can
lead to exmatriculation in serious cases.

Digital Oral Examinations

Be sure to use a headset for the examination date and set the video camera to the
highest resolution before entering the virtual examination room.

If you do not have a camera or headset, contact us immediately at

Whenever possible, use a LAN connection (Ethernet or directly connected to the router).
WLAN connections are more unstable and can lose connection more easily.

Check your environment in the days before the exam. The help room at bbb.hsbremerhaven.
de/hilfe is available for this purpose. The room is open 24 hours a day and
can be used for a micro and camera check. The room is staffed from 8am-4pm in case
technial problems need to be clarified.

If you need to calculate tasks on paper during the exam and hold the result up to the
camera if necessary, please use a strong pen so that the writing is legible.

Please clarify with the teachers how technical problems will be dealt with during the
examination. Keep calm if technical problems occur during the exam and contact the

Digital written exams without supervision (online exam)

Depending on how the online exam is organised, it may be necessary to upload the
results as a PDF file to Elli.

If you handwrite the exam on paper, make sure that you can either scan the files or take a
photo with a camera, e.g. smartphone camera.

Practise creating 1 PDF file from the scanned pages or the photos or combine all files into
1 ZIP file.

Plan the creation of the submission file into the processing time so that you upload all
files, including the declaration of independence, on time.

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection, e.g. via a LAN connection (see

If you do not have a scanner or camera, if this is necessary for the submission, contact immediately.

In case of technical problems during the exam, keep calm, take a screenshot for
documentation if necessary and report immediately to the respective lecturer.

Examinations in Presence

You can only take part in a presence examination if you have registered for the
examination in advance.

Please remember to bring the QR code for attendance recording to track infection chains.

If you cannot take part in an examination, e.g. due to a quarantine order, restrictions of
the movement radius to 15 km - because the current place of residence is in a hotspot -
or due to existing pre-existing conditions, you can submit an informal application for a
substitute examination offer via the examination office,
justified with supporting documents.

If your current place of residence is in a hotspot and you would like to take part in the
presence examination, the Examinations Office can issue a certificate to allow you to
travel. Please send an informal application to

If you already know that you no longer wish to take the examination, please deregister.

Since 01.02.2021, the wearing of medical masks is compulsory for all on the campus
grounds and in the premises of the university.

We hand out a medical mask to all students participating in a presence examination at
the entrance of the building by the security service. FFP2 masks can also be handed out
on request.

During the examination, the wearing of medical masks is also obligatory at the place.

Funding through BAföG (Federal Education and Trainings Assistance Act) / DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Will funding through BaföG or DAAD be jeopardised due to suspension of in-person teaching?

- The Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) provides information regarding BAföG and the impact on the teaching caused by the coronavirus. Please check out the following website – among others:

- Information about Bafög: https://www.bafö and

- The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides information regarding DAAD funding on its own homepage

Point of contact

Who is mentioned as point of contact in the urgent decision?

- Consulting and opening hours have been suspended for the duration of the government-issued infection prevention measures.  In urgent cases students may contact the respective service offices via e-mail. We kindly ask for your understanding that processing times may increase. The post box is accessible at all times and will be emptied as usual. Any applications or other post for the registration and examination office can be posted there.  

- For questions concerning the degree programme students shall contact the respective programme director or the programme management, stating the name of degree programme and the respective semester: 

Financial aid for students in need

Please check out the homepage of the Career Service Center  - they have gathered information regarding further financial fundings such as loan fund from the Studierendenwerk Bremen ( or the interim-financial-aid (

International students may contact XENOS in Bremen.


Is the state and university library usable?

Regulations for the use of the State and University Library Bremen, including those for the location Bremerhaven, are always up-to-date at

Since Monday, 11 May 2020, the library at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences has been offering an order and collection service. Details are described at


All university affiliates are strongly advised to act in accordance with the current rules and regulations in order to slow down the spread of the virus. Please consider your personal health but also that of others. We all have to pull together in order to prevent the health system from collapsing.

The rector wishes to thank everybody for your personal commitment and for keeping our university running in these challenging times.

The crisis team is constantly working on providing all areas with helpful advice and regulations. If you need further information or help or are unable to find corrsponding answers to your request on this site please feel free to contact us under