Other funding possibilities

Those students who do not receive BAföG can make use of scholarships or choose from a number of loans and credits which are tailored to students.

Compared to ordinary credits the student credit is paid out everymonth. The credit has to be paid back after the graduation. When choosing student credit, interest rates, different terms as well as the repayment arrangements need to be examinedand compared. Studienkredit-Test and the short information "Studienkredit" can provide here assistance - both of them are from the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE).

Moreover, the federal governments entitle students in advanced stages of their education to education loans. For students doing their first degree the KfW-Förderbank offers student loans. Scholarships are another attractive possibility to finance the study. There are a number of private and public promoters who grant scholarships to foster education, research andscience. Most of them are political foundations. Additionally, there are sectarian oriented foundations and diverse foundations financed by companies or private promoters - somewith a special focus such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Sports Aid Foundation. There are many different funding possibilities. In order to find out the suitable one, the best approach would be an extensive internetsearch.