PhD Support and Counseling

PhD Counseling

At Hochschule Bremerhaven we welcome young scholars who are interested in doing a PhD and start their academic career. Hochschule Bremerhaven offers a 'cooperative PhD'. A cooperative PhD is conducted in cooperation with a university and PhD students are supervised at Bremerhaven as well as at the cooperating institution. The doctoral degree is awarded by the cooperating university.

Hochschule Bremerhaven has an agreement of cooperation with the University of Bremen for doing cooperative PhDs. The University of Bremen supports scholars of Hochschule Bremerhaven in finding cooperation for a PhD. However, a cooperation with every other university is possible and encouraged. Currently PhD students of Hochschule Bremerhaven cooperate with a variety of different institutions.

Note also that it will soon be possible to do a PhD directly at Bremerhaven for specific research fields. (More information will be availabe here soon.)

We offer PhD students and young researchers interested in doing a PhD different kinds of support: individual counseling, networking, advanced training and financial support for starting a PhD at Bremerhaven.