PhD Counseling

PhD counseling is open for advanced students and employees of Hochschule Bremerhaven interested in doing a PhD and scholars already engaged in their PhD project at Bremerhaven. The office for PhD counseling offers individual counseling for interested students and scholars in all stages of their PhD project, organisation of exchange between PhD students and advanced training.

Individual counseling for advanced students may adress the following questions:

  • Why do a PhD?
  • Funding
  • Get started

Individual counseling for PhD students may take up the following issues and questions:

  • Funding, follow-up funding
  • Timeline
  • Find a supervisor, find partners for cooperative PhD (U Bremen, HS BHV)
  • PhD milestones (registration, exposé/synopsis, thesis defence, etc.)
  • Motivation, self-organization
  • Networking local and as part of a scientific community

Make an appointment for individual counseling via mail:

Interested in Exchange? There is a monthly meeting of PhD students at Hochschule Bremerhaven - get in touch via mail: