Smart Mobility Institute

Institute Description:

The Research Institute conducts research and development at the regional, national and international level within the research framework of Smart Mobility.


                                             Fig.1: Research Framework "Smart Mobility"

In terms of freight transport, the research framework can be described as follows: "Smart logistics addresses the redesign of logistics with the goal of greater efficiency and resilience, taking into account all three perspectives of sustainability: ecological, social, economic. This includes the transformation to environmentally and climate compatible logistics processes, the creation of fair, secure and satisfying employment relationships in a long-term stable economic system as well as the consideration of a fair distribution of resources (inter- and intragenerational). Digitization is the central enabler for this. It is not an end in itself, but a means to the end of enabling logistics that do justice to all three dimensions of sustainability."  

This takes place within the framework of applied research and, in its cooperative form, is also interpreted as a service in the areas of business, the public sector and society in the implementation of sustainability in all three dimensions. Only in this way, for example, can the overarching climate goals also be achieved and can research contribute in a direct implementation to the necessary transformation in the areas mentioned.