Novel coronavirus information

Dear members of the university,

from 3 April 2022, 3G access control at buildings will be discontinued at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences. Distance rules will also be dropped, as will the recording of contact details. There will no longer be an obligation to wear a mask in buildings at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences. Nevertheless, we appeal to you to maintain the tried and tested hygiene measures - for your safety and all of ours: we thank you for voluntarily wearing a medical mask in buildings and keeping your distance. Should you fall ill with Covid-19, please report to our crisis team via

The Bremen state government informed the universities in the state of Bremen about the new regulations on Tuesday, 22 March 2022. The background to this is the new Infection Protection Act, which was passed at federal level last week and with which most Corona restrictions in public life have been removed. In this regard, we would like to bring to your attention the joint statement by the Senator for Science and Ports, the universities as well as the Studierendenwerk and the State and University Library in the State of Bremen: In the past months, the universities, the Studierendenwerk and the State and University Library have acted in a differentiated and effective manner to sustainably reduce the risk of infection. Thanks to the institution-specific hygiene concepts and the extensive conversion to digital teaching formats, students were able to complete their studies and graduate successfully despite all the restrictions.

For the summer semester of 2022, the higher education institutions, together with the Senator for Science and Ports, have agreed to return to largely face-to-face teaching. Due to the expiry of the Federal Infection Protection Act and the abolition of the Corana-related special university regulations in the state of Bremen, access restrictions to the universities will also cease to apply from 2 April 2022, as will the compulsory wearing of masks and the previous distance regulations in the institutions. This applies uniformly to employees of the universities, the student union and the state and university library as well as to students.

The new legal framework creates the conditions for the universities to once again become a place of exchange and encounter. The campuses will be filled with life again after a long time. Nevertheless, the pandemic is not over. Responsible action by all university members is still needed to contain it further. Even after the discontinuation of the mandatory Corona rules, we therefore recommend that you protect yourself and others by wearing masks and behaving prudently.

Thank you!