Entry Requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

For admission to CTM you can register directly at the university. All the conditions for admission should be fulfilled. Applicants must normally have obtained a higher education entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife, High School Diploma, A-Levels, Baccalaureat, Gao Kao , etc.) Information about the possibility of special admission conditions can be obtained from the Registration and Examination Office. European and US American school-leaving certificates are generally recognised. If you have a school-leaving certificate from another country you need to present your documentation to ASSIST for verification and formal recognition.

The selection of CTM students is based only on school marks. This means that the applicants with the best overall marks of their school-leaving certificates will be offered a place. If you aren't sure if your marks are good enough, just give it a try and apply.

English and German Skills

Our students must be fluent in English as the language of instruction is English. Further, students have to be able to communicate in German which is why every student has to present an official language certificate if German or English are not their native languages. The language certificate must show that the language skills correspond to the level C1 in English and level B1 in German according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Examples of C1 English tests are the CAE, the IELTS (competent user level, band 6.5/7.0) and the TOEFL (550 points paper-based or 213 points computer-based or 110-120 points Internet-based). C1 tests are also offered by many universities and language schools. Check the internet for tests taking place in your region. The 'Fremdsprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen' offers C1 tests in Bremen.

Examples of valid German tests are TestDaF, DSH, tests from the Goethe Institut. For detailed information contact Registration and Examination Office.

Students failing to produce the required language certificate before the end of their first semester have to leave the CTM programme.

Application Deadline

Application deadline is July 15.


Between late July and early August, successful applicants will receive a letter with the offer of a spot in the CTM programme. The letter explains the procedure for accepting or declining that spot and sets the deadlines. Candidates accepting the offered spot are required to personally enroll for the CTM programme during a defined period before the beginning of the winter semester. Typically, the enrolment period ends in the last week of September.

CTM in 3 years

Students or applicants who have successfully completed a business-related apprenticeship and gained at least one year of professional work experience in a field relevant to CTM may apply to have their work experience recognised as the equivalent to the 1-year internship. If approved, they can complete CTM within only 3 years. If you think that this applies to you, please get in touch with Professor Alexis Papathanassis for the discussion.