Structure of the CTM programme

CTM comprises three "decks" or subject streams. They fulfil different functions, require different knowledge and skills from those who work there, but all three "decks" are necessary for the ship (or CTM) to function.


CTM extends over eight semesters. The 5th and 6th semester take place outside the Hochschule Bremerhaven (internship and semester abroad). Each of the other six semesters is dedicated to a particular theme:

1. Making Sense of Business: This semester provides a big picture of economic activity and decision-making, the functioning of companies, the business environment and management.

2. Developing Product Offerings: The semester concentrates on the market and customer oriented development and management of products.

3. Designing Activity Systems: Business models and processes, value chains and value networks through which resources are transformed into products are of special interest in this semester.

4. Managing the Resource Base: The value and scarcity of resources as well as their efficient and sustainable use are in the focus of this semester.

7. Managing Business Development: The semester is concerned with corporate development issues such as business start-ups, innovation, strategy and organisational change.

8. Bringing it All Together: This final semester returns to the big picture from the first semester, but now with the students being more fully aware of its components and complex internal relationships.

Every semester consists of 4-6 modules, i.e. units of teaching and learning which students must complete by passing an examination. Most modules are basic modules in the sense that they contribute to a basis of knowledge and understanding, on which the students can build in the future.

Each semester also includes one so-called integration module, a key innovation of CTM. The purpose of integration modules is to support the students' integration and application of the knowledge and understanding gained in the various basic modules. This is achieved through problem-based and project-based learning, a very powerful and effective pedagogy which gives a lot of control and responsibility to the students.

Curriculum of the CTM programme

A curriculum is the set of modules and courses of an educational programme. It is something like the backbone of a study programme and holds everything together. The detailed description of a curriculum can be found in the module handbook. These documents, along with the examination regulations, can be downloaded here: