Programme Structure

The CTM programme includes the following 8 semesters. Each semester consists of basic modules as well as one so-called integration module. The integration modules support the students' integration and application of the knowledge and understanding gained in the various basic modules. This is achieved through problem-based and project-based learning, a very powerful and effective pedagogy which gives a lot of control and responsibility to the students.

1. Making Sense of Business: This semester provides a big picture of economic activity and decision-making, the functioning of companies, the business environment and management.

2. Developing Product Offerings: The second semester concentrates on the market and customer-oriented development and management of products.

3. Designing Activity Systems: Business models and processes, value chains and value networks through which resources are transformed into products are of special interest in this semester.

4. Managing the Resource Base: The value and scarcity of resources as well as their efficient and sustainable use are in the focus of this semester.

5. and 6. Broadening your Horizon: Experience one year abroad working for a tourism related company and / or studying at one of our international partner universities.

7. Managing Business Development: The semester is concerned with corporate development issues such as business start-ups, innovation, strategy and organisational change. Additionally, you start your yearlong Consulting-Project

8. Bringing it All Together: In your final semester you will bring it all together in writing your Bachelor thesis.

Curriculum and Module Handbook (valid from WS 2018/19)

Curriculum and Module Handbook (valid from WS 2014/15)