Work Placement

Goodbye Germany - work placement

The student can choose between a six month work placement or a one year work placement. During their internships the students gain some first practical work experience. Internships should give the students a good idea of the kind of professional roles they may be taking up after graduating and offer them opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their studies. Internships may be taken up in private businesses, in the public sector, with trade associations and non-governmental organisations.

"Spending four months onboard NCL’s Norwegian Spirit for my workplacement turned out to be an excellent decision. NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) is an American company and one of the world’s biggest cruise lines. Working and living in the unique environment which can only be found onboard cruise ships was an experience of a lifetime. My job was integrated in the Guest Services Department – a very demanding area, but also one which I could learn a lot from. Gaining many different insights and a deeper understanding of the operations onboard a big cruise ship was extremely interesting. It formed a perfect complement to the Cruise Tourism studies in Bremerhaven and was a good preparation for a job in the cruise industry. Most memorable to me are however all the places I visited, people I met and experiences I made during this amazing contract onboard the Norwegian Spirit.

                                                                                                                                            Georg Irgmaier

Other students completed their internships at one of the following companies:

AIDA, Conference & Touring, Costa Cruises,European Cruise Service, Gran Canaria Wellness, Hamburg Tourismus, Hapag Lloyd,Hilton, Marriott, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Park Hyatt Hamburg, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Sea Cloud Cruises, Thomas Cook, Transocean, TUI Cruises ….


What our students say

Experience reports:

Georg I. – Norwegian Cruise Lines

Niklas K. – Hapag Lloyd

Christina N.- Tui Cruises