Year abroad

Foto: Antje Schimanke

The yearning for distant lands - a year abroad


In their third year of studies, students explore a different culture and put their newly gained knowledge into practice during one semester at a university abroad and a 6-month work placement or, alternatively, a one year work placement.

"The first two years in Bremerhaven really flew by and in no time I found myself getting ready for my semester abroad and the internship. During the fall I spent five months in Ireland; studying, getting to know great people and enjoying the beautiful country. For my internship I worked at a destination management agency in Cologne. Finally, I got some hands-on experience, using the skills and knowledge I acquired so far. While this year definitely had its challenges, I am glad CTM offers the time for both a semester abroad and a longer internship. It really gives a student much more flexibility and many valuable experiences. Both my times in Ireland and in Cologne were over way two fast - I would certainly do it again if I got the chance!"

Katrin Karschat


Die Studentin Kristina Müller verbringt ihr Auslandsjahr in Frankreich. Lest hier, wie es ihr dabei ergeht.