Student Association Seegang e.V



In April 2005, our students created their own association named "Seegang" (= swell in the nautical sense, but sometimes also referred to as the Sea Gang).

The objective of Seegang is to provide additional learning opportunities in the field of maritime tourism in order to complement the formal curriculum of CTM. More concretely, Seegang organises guest lectures, company presentations, and excursions.



Up until now, Seegang has organized several interesting guest lectures, e.g. with the CEO of the Deutsche ReiseVerband e.V. (DRV) Hans-Gustav Koch but also with a former cruise management student who talked about possibilities for students in the future working life. Furthermore, ship visits are being organized as often as possible (e.g. Queen Mary 2, Norwegian Getaway, Sea Cloud 2, and many more) for the students of CTM and every year the ITB in Berlin is visited.

Seegang is also well known for organizing great events such as university-wide end-of-term parties. Seegang is always looking for new and dedicated students who want be involved in the creation of activities which make student life even more fun. So if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact them!

If you want to find out more about Seegang, check out their website or Facebook page.