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With more than 115.000 inhabitants, Bremerhaven is a very cosy city nearby the sea - just perfect for studying. The university is located directly at the waterside and in the city centre and is surrounded by cafés, restaurants, cinemas and many shopping opportunities. There is always something pleasant to do during break or after uni, whether it is going to the beach to relax and barbecue, or meeting up with your friend for a coffee.


Cultural events
There is a broad range of cultural events: going to the emigration museum, the unique “Klimahaus” or to the theatre. There is something for every taste. Furthermore, there are events like concerts, the “Sail” and many more.

More information on cultural events and the city of Bremerhaven can be found here.


You won´t get bored in the evening- you can choose to visit many different bars and restaurants. The “Alte Bürger” is a street with many bars where different types of music are played. On Wednesdays it´s student night time - the club “Nachtschicht” in Bremerhaven offers, especially for students, cheap entry and drinks - a good opportunity to party with friends and to meet new people. Likewise, there are a lot of other parties for students - we are known for our legendary uni parties, especially the end of term party that is organized by our very own student association (Seegang e.V.)!

You will find updated information on events going on in the Alte Bürger here.

More information on the student association Seegang e.V.


If you want to stay or get fit, you can do so! Many gyms have very suitable offers for students. But if that is still not your thing, “ASTA” gives students the chance to exercise for free or for very little money - there are many classes to choose from such as cross country club, aerobics, football, and so on.

You can find the current offer of sports classes here.


The good thing about Bremerhaven is that you will never have a problem with going from A to B without having a car - the infrastructure is brilliant and there is always a bus that brings you to wherever you want to be. With the “Semesterticket” you can use the bus within Bremerhaven and the trains to Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Osnabrück and many other big cities for free.

More information on the VBN and the Semesterticket.

More information on busses in Bremerhaven.


This is a city where you will always find the right place to live - whether it is in a shared flat or in a single apartment. Prices are comparatively low. With a little bit of searching everybody finds something fitting their wishes. Furthermore, there are also student apartments - single bedrooms are available starting from 185 Euros, all utilities included.

Shared apartments can be found here.

Student housing in Bremerhaven can be found here.

Other offers for apartments to rent can be found on the websites of the GEWOBA and the WoGe, as well as on the ASTA homepage.

To sum it all up...
For everyone who would like to study in a nice and cosy city near the coast, Bremerhaven is just perfect. Here you can be sure to have a brilliant time because everything is given to make studying enjoyable and interesting. In case you get bored with Bremerhaven, you can always visit other big cities with the “Semesterticket” - but afterwards you will look forward to coming back to Bremerhaven. Because: The “Hochschule” is lovely, you know your professors and fellow students well and you will always find something new to explore!


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