Module "Future Scenarios in Strategy Development"

Future Scenarios in Strategy Development

This module will provide participants with new insights regarding long term development options, thereby identifying opportunities for strategic development of their business. It gives opportunities for exchange of experiences and inspiration as well as space for thoughts, which there rarely is a time for in daily management activities. The module integrates methods and data management processes to develop strategic choices of the future, thereby adding a new dimension to strategy development. As opposed to traditional strategic thinking, this course expands into future studies and appropriate applications of new theories and methods. The course will have among others the following content:

• Examples of unexpected innovations as well as missed opportunities in the development of technologies and markets
• Methods for creative thinking and prognosis, both addressing classical opportunities and risk evaluation
• Out-of-the-box methodologies
• Six Pillars approach, providing a theory of future thinking that is linked to methods and tools. The pillars are: mapping, anticipation, timing, deepening, creating alternatives and transforming.

Learning outcome: Participants will be able to apply methods of creative thinking in the framework of strategy development both personally and within a team. They have acquired skills to handle information and to use methods in analyzing mega-trends to foresee industry future challenges. They know how to create, validate and evaluate the potential of future business opportunities and can link them to systematic realization paths.


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