Module "Global Business"

Global Business

Globalization describes the growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, and populations, driven by cross-border trade in goods & services, technology, and flows of investment and people, aided by information technology.

Global business is therefore the concept of companies developing, producing, selling and distributing products and services in multiple countries around the world. Parallel to this we see a recent development where certain governments over time have reduced trade & investment barriers and entered free trade agreements, the recent initiated trade barriers and intensified local content, calls for more considerations on geopolitical issues, which creates uncertainty in foreign trade.

Learning outcome:

The students will be able to..

  • apply a framework for analysis, development and implementation within the global offshore wind business.
  • understand the influence of global competitive environments and cultural differences and learn how to effectively operate within an international business context
  • develop international competences and competitiveness in companies
  • conduct, evaluate and present market research and screening to support an organization's international business decision-making on market selection and entry
  • designing and implementing global business thinking and programmes incl. competition and collaboration
  • gain cross cultural understanding and an appreciation of the human diversity in organizations across values and cultures
  • understand Factor endowments (incl. geopolitics) and know key institutions and forces impacting the global marketplace


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