Module "Innovation through Collaboration"

Innovation through Collaboration

Delivering new ideas and technologies as successful products to market is at utmost importance for firms in the offshore wind industry. This requires not only creative idea generation, but also management of these creative ideas towards successful innovation and market implementation.  Different tools for managing this process, such as stage-gate model. Focus will be given to internal managerial processes and practices. As companies increasingly collaborate with external partners such as users, customers, universities and competitors throughout their innovation processes, the course also addresses the opportunities, challenges and implications for successful collaboration innovation. 

During the course special emphasis will be given to: 

  • Applying design thinking approaches and methods for idea generation, product and service development and learn how to overcome barriers to creativity
  • The management of innovation within the firm and through partnerships, networks and alliances
  • The challenges and opportunities that small and large firms face in relation to innovative collaboration
  • Applying this knowledge collaboratively with other professionals on real-life cases and exercises from the offshore wind industry

Learning outcome: The course aims at providing a set of advanced insights into the field of management of innovation spanning from foundational themes to the most recent developments of the field: design-driven innovation and collaboration innovation such as co-creation.

More information you can find in our detailled course description.