Module "Innovative Project Management"

Innovative Project Management

Traditional project management courses teach systematic approaches to project planning. This is a strength but also a disadvantage. The course aims at giving the students the ability to adapt project planning to a specific environment. By bringing in innovative thinking in project planning a project model tailored for the firm can be established between the outer ends of the traditional project management theory: Water fall models and adaptive project management. The module combines the aspects of innovation and HRM to make project management a leadership tool.

Due to the current challenges within the wind industry the course will focus on designing the project management models necessary to cope with the tasks of decommissioning.

• Project management theory
• Combining of traditional project management tools
• Analysis of project management requirements in a specific firm
• User end design of project models
• The study of project management standards
• Study of decommissioning and its effects and requirements for planning and governance
• Understand HRM in a project environment
• Manage innovation processes
• Understand communication and its role in project management

Learning outcome: Participants will be able to adapt project planning to a specific environment. They can develop a tailored project management model, which is evolved around the challenges and processes in a specific firm.


More information you can find in our detailled course description.