Teaching Method

Our MBA modules are taught by two lecturers. The primary responsible lecturer is an academic lecturer from a university called main lecturer. The co-lecturer from business, on the other hand, is drawn in on basis of their competences and experiences - either in business or in methods and facilitation. We also operate with a company representative (although this could be the same person as the co-lecturer from business). 

Our teaching aims at strengthening and developing actual competences needed in the offshore wind industry, with the help of innovative teaching methods. Reading and studying is done at home for class preparation. During class, real-life consultancy tasks and problems will be presented, whereafter the MBA students will apply theory in a real-time scenario and solve actual problems for the partner companies. 

Teaching methods:

  • Self-study: We expect the participants to hold a high degree of self-discipline and show up well prepared to class, being motivated to share their knowledge.
  • Live cases: Business cases will be analysed to prepare the participants for future leadership requirements within the offshore wind energy sector.
  • Workshops: Students will meet up physically twice during the module, to solve actual problems raised by partner companies. 
  • Forum, chat and messaging: All students can get in contact with their lecturer and fellow students to discuss, elaborate and clarify issues, ask questions and exchange points of view.