Areas of specialisation

After the third term, students select their area of specialisation. In the case of the “Measuring and Plant Engineering” area of specialisation, students are shown, on the basis of more detailed course contents, how to plan, put into operation and operate maritime energy systems and maritime installations. This includes skills in fields such as oceanography, maritime materials, water treatment as well as automation systems. A core element is the planning examples which are an important aspect of offshore wind energy and measuring and plant engineering. The projects are thus directly linked to the “Maritime Energy Systems” and “Automation Systems” modules. In the case of the “Biotechnology” area of specialisation, the course content is focused on the use of algae and fish. Through the subjects of Process Engineering, Biotechnology and Aquaculture, students obtain skills in the development as well as in the operation of breeding equipment and installations as well as in the pre-processing of algae and fish. They are taught the essential principles of Marine Biology and Biochemistry in lectures and practical exercises. The “Biotechnology Installations” planning project ensures a more practical and in-depth approach.