Employment opportunities for graduates

MAR is an application-oriented course which prepares its graduates for demanding tasks in the maritime sector, in offshore wind energy, ocean research technology, the biotechnology and food sectors as well as aquaculture. Relevant fields are all areas concerned with the technological use of the sea, for example: technical work in the development activities of various research organisations, in the offshore supply industry, port authorities, recovery and production of natural marine substances for medical and pharmaceutical purposes, recovery of drinking and process water from seawater, fishing and the fish-processing sector or breeding of ornamental or commercial fish. The demand for experts in the field of Maritime Technologies is considerable – both at national and international level. Major potential can also be found in the use of wind energy and other regenerative energy sources at sea.
So that graduates can further their scientific qualifications, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences additionally offers two Master courses: “Bioanalysis” for graduates seeking to specialise in an area of natural sciences and “Process Engineering and Energy Technology” for graduates preferring a process engineering focus.