Practical focus of the course

The extensive range of internships and practical exercises in the course ensure that students are well qualified for their later professions. Teaching takes place in small groups. In this way, students are given a direct insight into practical tasks and approaches which they can tackle in more depth in their own tests and project work at the University. The laboratories of the Alfred Wegener Institute can be used in the MAR course thanks to its cooperation agreement with the University. The practical phase, which is completed in cooperation with industrial enterprises, as well as the Bachelor Thesis, which in turn can also be written in an industrial enterprise, rounds off this practice-oriented course. In addition to teaching engineering principles and consolidating this know-how in the areas of specialisation, key qualifications such as presentation techniques and project management are taught. These are consolidated in special course units such as Software for Engineers, Foreign Languages, Business Management and Law. The “Instructions for Scientific Work” course unit is also very important.