Objectives and special features

The Master course in Applied Informatics at Bremerhaven University is application-oriented. This is reflected in the three alternative course profiles “Reliable Integrated Systems”, “Media Informatics” and “Complex Business Application Systems”.
The focal point of the Master course is a comprehensive one-year project in which students acquire skills in informatics methods and develop strategic solutions through problem-oriented learning. When applying for the course, students select a project from one of the said profiles. With the projects and other electives related to the profile, students gain a special perspective on informatics. In this way, they can set a corresponding priority in their studies and specialise in this course profile.

  • The “Reliable Integrated Systems” study profile considers in depth the complexity of distributed and, where applicable, mobile applications with regard to security issues or cooperation between autonomous systems.
  • In the “Media Informatics” study profile, the various aspects of designing multimedia systems are tackled and put into practice in a concrete field of application such, for example, as game-based learning.
  • The “Complex Business Application Systems” study profile takes up in detail elements of business informatics and connects the different worlds of informatics and business administration.

Key features of the Master degree course in Applied Informatics are:

  • 3-term full-time course with a high level of practical content
  • Three alternative study profiles: Reliable Integrated Systems, Media Informatics, and Complex Business Application Systems
  • Comprehensive project integrated in the study profiles
  • Qualification as Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Limited to 20 course places per year
  • Teaching languages: German and English