Embedded System Design

Embedded Systems Design [ESD]


Extension Information:

The students who cannot start on March 7, 2016 due to VISA problems
allowed to begin the study in ESD on April, 4 (after the spring break).

Important Admission Information:

If the deadline (November 30, 2015) for non European Union applications has passed,
we cannot accept applications we receive after deadline from non EU countries.
However, we will process applications we received so far. Since the number of
application is very high this year it will take some days to send admission documents.

Please wait for notifications. We try to answer all emails but it is impossible to respond
to all emails.

A common admission issue is the German language requirement which is part
of the admission requirements. Although ESD is entirely in English language
you must provide the German A1 certificate for enrollment to ESD.

Master Program ESD: Master of Science M.Sc
- Industrial / Scientific / Medical -



Semester Terms: 3

First Semester: Summer semester (starting in March)

Language: English (all courses and documents)


Subject Areas:

  • Digital sysytems (User Logic, Processing System)
  • Control Engineering
  • Modeling / Identification / Simulation
  • Real-time Software
  • Safety and Reliability
  • Industrial/Scientific/Medical Applications


From washing machines to satellites – there is hardly a product or system which does not has integrated digital control and software. These components have significant impact on functionality and performance. Embedded systems are everywhere in technical devices. As “hidden systems” the embedded system is the key technology which determines innovations in industrial equipment, medical devices and scientific instruments. Many products without embedded systems are not competitive on the market. Therefore, specially trained specialists are needed by the industry worldwide.

The University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven responds to this development with its new Master’s programme embedded Systems design. An embedded system is understood as a mechanical or electromechanical system which acquires its essential functionality by controlling the electronic components as well as the necessary software. Modules like system identification, mechatronics and discrete control systems as well as courses aiming at the extension of the existing knowledge of hardware and software qualify the students to develop innoeMBedded vative embedded systems for industrial, medical, or scientific applications (ISM market). With the technological background and the specific knowledge the graduates are highly qualified talents who are capable to initiate essential product improvements and also to implement these improvements.

Applicants should be interested in control engineering, mechanics, digital systems and software development. Basic knowledge in these areas needs to be proved by certifications of corresponding courses.

Please follow the links to the English or German ESD home page for detailed information:

English Home Page for Embedded Systems Design

German Home Page for Embedded Systems Design

Contact Prof. Dr. Kai Mueller or Prof. Dr. Karsten Peter for further information.